Llandeilo Past and Present

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Transition Tywi Trawsnewido

Llandeilo is part of the Transition Towns movement - in fact it was the first town in Wales to be registered as a Transition Town.

The Transition Towns movement represents a community response to Climate Change and Peak Oil. In Llandeilo, as in other Transition Towns, a group of people has come together to explore how the town and its surrounding area can adapt to a future of low oil consumption and low carbon emissions as painlessly as possible. The movement started in Totnes in Devon and is growing rapidly. Other Transition Towns in Wales include Lampeter, Machynlleth, Rhayader and Presteigne.

We begin by recognising that the world has very limited time in which to respond to the threat of global warming, that oil will never be cheap again, and that we cannot simply rely on governments and international organisations to sort out these problems for us. A positive future will undoubtedly be locally-based - for example, people will eat more locally-produced food (and more of us will be involved in producing it), they will produce much of their own energy themselves, and they will expend less energy travelling and spend more time in the area.

We seek to draw on the creative energy of this community, and on local memories of how life was before the era of cheap oil, in order to empower ourselves and others, and so increase our resilience to the shocks that the forthcoming inevitable transition will bring.

Our aims are principally:

  • To increase awareness of Climate Change and Peak Oil and stimulate debate about how we as individuals and as a community can respond to these issues.
  • To make links between people with specialist knowledge in areas such as horticulture, crafts, and small-scale energy systems, and to allow others to benefit from their knowledge and experience.
  • To provide opportunities to allow people to increase their self-reliance by acquiring practical skills - fruit-growing, bee-keeping, preserving food, making clothes, making furniture, etc.
  • To draw on the knowledge of how the area managed before the era of Cheap Oil, through the collective memory of the families who have been in the Tywi valley for generations.
  • To draw up an "Energy Descent Plan" for the area. This allows us to imagine how life might be in 2025 or 2030, assuming a world that is stabilising the atmosphere and has adapted to a world where fossil fuel is too precious and too expensive to be used very much - and then to consider, "How could we get there from here?".

A number of Transition Town meetings take place every month. There is plenty of opportunity to get involved. Further information and contact details are available from the Transition Tywi Trawsnewid website.